Dealbreaker was sent a photograph of an underwear-clad man on the Charging Bull sculpture by Wall Street—the photographer wrote, "I just took this ten minutes ago as I was about to walk into my office...I think it came out pretty well but that's a kid 100% passed out/maybe dead, on the bull, in his briefs. Two news reporters were just pulling up when I snapped this." Naturally, the site's commenters were happy to offer their commentary: "please be a goldman employee please be a goldman employee," "Oh man, that cant be real, thats too funny. Im sure the NYPD got a good laugh out of this one. Sad thing is, he will be working for Geithner in like 4 years," and a debate over whether it's an alum of Loomis Chaffee, Kent or Delbarton. Hopefully there's a cock-and-bull story that explains it all.

Charging Bull hijinks are not unusual—last fall, the bull's balls were painted blue.