While the incident is still under investigation, it's doubtful that the U.S. Postal Service employee driving the truck that fatally struck cyclist Marilyn Dershowitz will face charges. The NYPD's sources tell the Post "they did not anticipate charges being brought against driver Ian Clement."

Dershowitz, a lawyer and a retired court-appointed referee, and her husband, Nathan Dershowitz, brother of famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz, were biking to the West Side bike path on West 29th Street near Ninth Avenue when the 7-ton truck hit her—and the truck kept going. Nathan Dershowitz, who had been biking ahead of his wife, was outraged, telling the Post, "You cannot crash into a person on a bike and keep going." He also spoke to the Daily News, "If they did the work and spoke to the people I spoke to, it is inconceivable from what they told me that he did not see her... What I was told (at the scene) was that two vehicles, neither one was willing to yield to another, so they both went through too narrow of a space to get through She was ahead of both vehicles. The driver just ran her over."

However, DNAinfo reports that police say she was biking against with traffic (the NYPD updated its information to say that she was in fact biking with traffic).