Misdemeanor charges against a Harlem man accused of fatally beating transgender woman Islan Nettles have been dropped, due to confusion over who was involved in the assault.

The Manhattan DA will continue to investigate homicide charges against 20-year-old Paris Wilson, DNAinfo reports, but the case has been complicated by the confession of a second suspect who claims that he was the assailant, despite the fact that he was too intoxicated to remember the attack.

Though prosecutors believe only one person assaulted the 21-year-old Nettles in Harlem in August, witnesses are divided on whether it was Wilson or the other, unidentified man who committed the crime. The inconsistency has thus far prevented the DA's office from bringing the case before the grand jury.

Nettles was out with two transgender friends the night of August 17 when several men began stalking the them on Frederick Douglass Boulevard near 148th Street. Police say that they believe the incident was sparked after Wilson made a pass at Nettles and was shocked to learn she was not born a woman.