2007_04_ganjagranny.jpgPossibly the only thing more reassuring than marijuana possession charges being dropped against a 71-year-old is the Daily News's determination to make her into a kind of folk hero by calling her "Ganja Granny." Barbara Jackson, who had been smoking pot during a bout with colorectal cancer, credited marijuana with helping her appetite (her weight was under 100 pounds before the MJ, now it's at 124 pounds). But that excuse wasn't enough for undercover police in her Bronx neighborhood, who arrested her when she bought some pot in March.

High-profile lawyers Ron Kuby and David Pressman rallied to her defense and, yesterday, Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson decided to drop charges because he didn't have the proper paperwork. Some well-wishers at the courthouse told the News how they felt:

"She should be able to smoke her weed in peace," said Alfredo Santos, 49, of the Bronx. "It's helping with the cancer."

Another man yelled, "Johnson needs his a-- whipped if he prosecutes granny," referring to Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson.

Kuby also said, "I guess the city said this bud's on us."

1010 WINS has a funny audio report of Jackson outside the court.