The guy arrested for allegedly grabbing a woman's breasts, exposing himself and masturbating in Park Slope's 7th Avenue subway station has gotten off. On Monday morning Joshua Flecha, a bartender at the Heartland Brewery in midtown, was arrested because police believed he matched one of the many sketches of deviants believed to be behind a series of sexual assaults in South Brooklyn. But now the sexual assault charges have been dropped.

Around 3:15 a.m. Monday, Flecha was spotted by cops who thought he might be trying to break into cars in Windsor Terrace. But according to the police, he was just watching porn on his cell phone with his pants unzipped while in possession of marijuana and a bottle of Jack Daniels. You know, just another wild Sunday night in the W.T.!

The victim of the May 7th subway attack picked him out of a lineup, but now she says she's not sure he's the one who assaulted her, and the Post reports that she's no longer cooperating with the investigation. Flecha, who was reportedly raised as Jehovah's witness on Long Island, was put in a lineup for victims of five similar subway attacks, but none of them could ID him either.

His former roommate, who's known him for eight years, tells the Post, "He was very short tempered, like a drunk." And Flecha’s ex-mother-in-law told says her daughter, a devout Jehovah’s Witness, divorced him a decade ago. "He was a porn addict, and he had that problem with the ‘open zipper,’ [if] you know what I mean," she tells the tabloid. "He was heavily into it."

But it appears he's not the groper! Just a private citizen whose embarrassing life as a porn addict and short-tempered drinker has been exposed. Also, ladies—who have been telling the media, "I'm glad they got him and I hope he learns something from whatever they're able to do with him"—you'll have to go back to being worried in addition to being outraged by the opposite sex.