The model who stripped down in Times Square and insulted the police for almost two hours—as a rapt audience watched from sidewalks and in real time over the Internet—will not face charges, if he stays out of trouble and keeps his clothes on.

Krit McClean had been charged with public lewdness and disorderly conduct for the June 30 which saw him nakedly running around the TKTS stairs at Duffy Square and refusing to get down. He taunted the police, spitting and even shoving them as they tried to safely remove him from a ledge. McClean ended up falling from the structure during the standoff, suffering injuries that included a broken arm.

A prosecutor asked for the charges to be dismissed today, "This likely took place while the defendant was experiencing a manic episode — the first in his life. As soon as the defendant was arrested, he was hospitalized for treatment."

The Post reports that the charges will be completely dismissed if he continues his treatment.

McClean himself said, "I have been diagnosed with a genetic predisposition for manic episodes. My behavior in Times Square on June 30 was a culmination of an unaware seven days of mania which distorted reality. I respect the court's desire to understand what triggered my actions, and wish to thank the NYPD officers for their patience in handling the situation. I will continue working with my doctor to maintain a balanced well-being: becoming self-aware has been progress in itself."

He posted on Instagram today as well:

out of court and back in the classroom 🙏#onthepursuitofselfexpression #inthenameofart

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