With the NYC 2010-2011 school year's arrival yesterday, students got to experience the Department of Education's decision to cut busing for 7th and 8th graders firsthand. Most of the affected student live on Staten Island, where it was a real mess. One mother of a student at Totten Intermediate School told the Staten Island Advance, "We got there an hour before classes started because we knew it was going to be a nightmare. We were trying to beat out the traffic because we knew all the parents would be driving their kids." Indeed: When she left, the "line of cars waiting to drop off students was backed up farther than she could see."

The Advance also reported, "Community Education Council President Sam Pirozzolo was told that many students at Paulo Intermediate were late because overcrowded city buses bypassed their bus stops. He said high school students who ride the same bus lines started throwing their books at the buses out of frustration." Some parents complained that their homes are too far from schools for their kids to walk, especially without crossing guards.

One student said, "I was looking forward to the first day of school, but today I got really upset." The Department of Education says they are trying to work with parents and schools to fix the issue. Of course, yesterday was the only day of school this week; students have today and tomorrow off for Rosh Hashanah.