A Norwegian cruise ship returning to NYC after a weeklong trip to the Carribean got stuck in the Hudson River this morning. Officials say that the Norwegian Breakaway experienced propeller problems as it made its way to Pier 88 Sunday morning; it was supposed to dock at 7 a.m., but instead it lingered in the river until about 10:30 a.m. And as you can imagine, passengers took the delay completely in stride: "People were at each other's throats," passenger Tim Michaelson told the Post.

Faced with a three and a half hour delay getting home, many of the 4,500 people onboard the ship decided the best response was to completely lose their shit: “I have high blood pressure,” said passenger Eileen Sodano, who described her fellow passengers as "out of control." “Everyone was trying to cut in line. People were screaming and yelling. It was terrible. I started to cry, and now, we missed our limo."

Other passengers told the News there were screaming matches, and people were pushing and shoving one another. "It got a little chaotic," said Ashley Hernandez. "It was really unorganized. There were people fighting when we got off the ship."

Things maybe weren't so peaceful before this point either: one passenger, a father from Long Island, suffered a non-fatal heart attack yesterday aboard the ship. His son Roy told CBS, "It’s been nothing but problems."

Not everyone immediately started channeling Lord of The Flies when the delay occurred: "Stuff happens just like a car breaking down on the highway," said passenger Dave Aultman. "What are you going to do? Wait for a tow?"

We're just very happy that the Norwegian Breakaway, a NYC-themed cruise ship, is living up to its promise of providing all the splendor of Midtown with the queasiness of the open seas. And hey, at least no one got the norovirus.