We're gonna miss Sue's groundhog impersonation

Last week WNBC/Channel 4 told anchorwoman Sue Simmons her contract would not be renewed, according to the NY Post. This means the four-time Emmy award winner Simmons will only be on air until June, leaving poor Chuck Scarborough without his co-anchor of more than three decades. And leaving New Yorkers without their beloved Chuck and Sue!

According to the Post, Simmons (the top paid anchorwoman at a local station in all the land) did not have a say in the move—it was NBC's decision. Chuck, who is also 68 like Sue, was given three more years on his contract. Since January, Simmons has only been with him for the 11 o'clock broadcast, having been bumped from the 6 o'clock slot.

And now, let's revisit that time Simmons dropped the F bomb on air, which Cindy Adams calls "a blunder, a mistake... but very New York."

Update: The NY Times' media reporter Brian Stelter Tweeted at 11:24 a.m., "It seems WNBC has no idea what to say about Sue Simmons' ouster. It's had 10 hours to rebut NY Post story... yet nada." and just updated, "WNBC tacitly confirms Sue Simmons is leaving: 'We have been engaged in ongoing conversations with Sue about her transition from WNBC.'"