wxch_temps_0108.jpgIt's raining! It's pouring! It's gassy! Finally, something other than warm weather to talk about. Most of the heaviest rain has already occurred, but there may be pockets of rain between now and early afternoon. The rain is happening in advance of an honest-to-goodness cold front. Once the front passes and the rain dissipates sharply cooler air will filter into town. Today's temperatures have probably already maxed out, and temperatures will be 15-20 degrees cooler by the time we head home this evening.

Does this mean our long run of warm weather, today is the 30th straight day of above normal temperatures, is over? Hardly. Tomorrow and especially Wednesday will be relatively chilly, but we should stay slightly above normal. There's a slight chance of rain or snow showers tomorrow afternoon. Warming starts anew on Thursday.

With the unusually warm weather on the East Coast and the blizzards in Colorado, one bit of weather that's been overlooked has been last week's ice storm in Nebraska. Much of central Nebraska remains without power a week after the storm, with 57 counties in the state being declared a disaster area yesterday.

Current temperatures from weather.com.