2005_07_muniz_clouds.jpgYou'll have to excuse Gothamist today, we're slacking off enjoying the coolish weather. This was an excellent weather week wasn't it? Record high temperatures were set at LaGuardia on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Wednesday's maximum reaching 100 degrees. Sadly, we failed to get the coveted triple-triple (LaGuardia, Kennedy and Central Park all getting to 100). The park maxed out at 97 and JFK didn't even break 90.

The recent warm spell has finally raised 2005's average temperature to above normal. For the record, the Central Park is now 0.0766 degrees above average for 2005. And while we're statistics spewing mode, high temperatures in the park have reached 90 twelve times this summer. A far cry from the summers of 1991 and 1993, when it was above 90 degrees on 39 days!

Enough of the past, let's look at this weekend. It won't be hot! High temperatures should be 80ish. The Weather Service and the Weather Channel both think there will be plenty o' clouds. Saturday should be the cloudier day, excellent if, like Gothamist, you are sun and headed to the East River Ampitheater tomorrow afternoon. There might even be some rain tonight and early tomorrow but nothing like the mind boggling37 inches that fell earlier this week in Mumbai.

Cloud over New York by Vik Muniz from pbs.org