It's been over a week, and the Fire Department still doesn't know what caused the signal room fire at the Chambers Street station two Sundays ago. The FDNY says there's no conclusive information at this time, and the police say there's no evidence that backs up the initial "it was a homeless person with a shopping cart full of kindling" theory (although that theory hasn't been ruled out); officials were able to say that sparks from the third rail did not start the fire. Newsday points out that of over 4000 fires in 2003, only 40 have been ruled "not ascertained," the way the Chambers Street subway fire is currently. Therefore, there is nothing to do except salute the Best-in-Show-winning shopping cart from the Idiotarod, which was a cart decorated as the C-train. Jose has pictures of his cart at left-field lengua, making sure to say, "Please note, prior to several attacks, there was no duct tape on the outside of our cart. Our ship was tight!" Spoken as if he were an MTA rep!