A few months ago, Bronx community activist Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter announced her intentions to challenge State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. in the fall Democratic primary, saying, "I want to offer the district a fresh start. I want to return us to an honest and open government, sort of turning our backs on the old politics that has become a problem here in the Bronx and in Albany in general." But we guess that the fresh start for the 33rd District might have to come from someone else, because she's dropped out.

Bronx News Network reported on Pilgrim-Hunter's decision yesterday, "Money, or lack of it, was the main reason she decided to end her bid, she said. Despite several fundraisers in supporters’ homes, she had raised only $30,000, while Espada already has more than $300,000 on hand." She said "This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ll ever have to make," and wants to form a non-profit to support progressive candidates.

Pilgrim-Hunter also said that a post on BoogieDowner, questioning her disability payments while she's able to campaign, didn't prompt her decision to drop out (Bronx News Network also has an extensive summary of the issue). The NY Times reports the remaining candidates, at this point, "include Gustavo Rivera, a political aide who worked for Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand and Barack Obama’s presidential campaign; Fernando Tirado, the district manager of a local community board; and Daniel Padernacht, a lawyer and member of another community board."