Via his Twitter: "Sit ups with the 10 pound medicine ball is awesome 3 sets of 50"



Ochocinco is in New York City because he and fellow football player and VH1 reality show figure Terrell Owens are guest coaching EBC's streetball tournament tonight in Rucker Park. Admission is free for the event, which starts at 6 p.m. (the Ochocinco vs. TO game is at 8 p.m.), but Ochocinco has also been entertaining his fans and Twitter followers while he's been in the city. And his followers have been giving him tips, like where to have breakfast with his mother and that ESPN Zone is no longer around. Here are some of his Tweets since Sunday morning:

  • Where's a good place to eat this morning in NY people, y'all are welcome to join me and moma OchoCinco
  • Headed to Sylvias, hope their credit card machine works, I don't have no cash :( sorry Amy Ruths
  • my day is getting worst, I get to Sylvias and they don't open till 11, now I'm stuck walking around outside in front the APOLLO THEATER
  • 30 more minutes before Sylvias opens, my moma is taking forever to get to Harlem, ESPN ZONE for the game today, who y'all got today?
  • Soccer is extremely important to me, where can I watch the game on @univision since the Espn Zone is closed
  • Man this some bull shit, @therealbebe left me outside the club, they won't let me in without my I.D. the bouncer talkin bout JETS JETS JETS
  • Damn I just got in a fight with the bouncer, them damn boxing sessions got me on point, at least the police let me keep tweetin n the car?

  • @nflcommish Dad everything is ok here in NY, I have the situation under control, I turned the other cheek but he kept provoking me, thanks
  • Aww man NYPD is so awesome we are all headed to Starbucks after we drop the bouncer off at the police station for assault on me
  • Back at the club in ViP with 3 NYPD officers poppin bottles of cranberry n red bull, I went from being outside to having a ball! I luv NY
  • Nice 2 hours off headed to mid-town to do a lil shopping, it feels like a 100 degrees in NY,
  • Damn these cab drivers got to be the best drivers in the world, they speed and dodge eachother and pedestrians with no accidents
Here's video of Ochocinco and Owens discussing tonight's streetball game below and you can watch a full episode of his VH1 dating show here.