The Long Island teen whose cesspool death made headlines yesterday spoke to his 14-year-old cousin as he tried to stay afloat. "I think I broke my arm. I feel blood running," he said, I don't wanna let go. I don't wanna let go.'" Ameri Zequiri was taking out the trash behind the Smithtown Dunkin Donuts where he worked when he stepped into an uncovered manhole and fell 20 feet.

A neighbor told WCBS that the parking lot where the boy died was "an accident waiting to happen." Others said that the property, where saw horses were strewn about, had been in disrepair for years.

So far it's unclear why the sewage pit was uncovered; there's talk that the lid might have been popped out of place during snow removal, but no explanation of why it was left off. "This was a horrible accident and tragedy. When something like this happens people always look for someone to blame," said a lawyer for the landlord.