2006_11_ceramicelephant.jpgA woman was charged with murder after killing her husband. Police say Donna Cobb repeatedly hit him with a large ceramic elephant during an apparent struggle. The police also found a knife on the scene but the 38 year old only admitted to beating him. From the Daily News:

Cobb told police her husband, Kevin Cobb, 39, was hopped up on pot and alcohol after the couple hosted a Gameboy party at their apartment on St. Nicholas Place.

The guests left - and so did the husband - but he came back about 6 a.m. and accused her of sleeping with another man.

The wife told cops he jumped on her while she was in bed and started choking her. The 5-foot-5 woman tried to fight off her muscular, 6-foot, 200-pound husband.

"She grabbed the closest thing to her," the police source said. "It happened to be the elephant."

The sculpture, found in one piece, was less than a foot tall, the source said.

A 12 year old neighbor told the Post he had heard a woman screaming, "She was saying, 'Stop it! Stop it!' Then it stopped." Cobb, a nurse at Harlem Hospital Center, tried to revive her husband with CPR, but called 911 when her attempts were unsuccessful.

Their six children were not at home during the fight. Neighbors are shocked, saying that the couple was very close and "cuddly."