An attorney at an information management consulting firm is suing the firm's married CEO, claiming, in a truly spectacular complaint, that she was begrudged a promotion and raise because she rejected his advances, and that he used company funds to visit strip clubs and sleep with women. This sounds like an age-old tale, but just you wait.

Attorney Amy Green builds her case against Trevor Silver, a founding partner at Exusia, Inc. and the married father of two young children, in a 19-page complaint that has a section called, "Strippers, Hot Girls and Infidelity" and includes anecdotes like, "Later, Defendant Silver shared a text message exchange with Heidi where he alluded to sushi being a woman’s vagina."

According to the complaint, the saga began in November 2015, when Green moved to New York from Boston and accepted a position at Exusia, which Silver co-founded with his wife, according to the company's website. On her second day at the firm, according to the complaint, Green went to dinner with Silver at White Horse Tavern. There, Silver allegedly told her, "Now that you heard all the good, here's the bad," before telling her that women were his "vice" and detailing his love of strip clubs, which he allegedly called his “outlet” where he could turn off his phone.

A few days later, according to the complaint, Green went with Silver to Boston and stayed at a hotel. At dinner at the hotel's restaurant bar, Green says Silver "rubbed Ms. Green’s thigh and then let his hand linger there." Later, he tried to get her to go to his hotel room across the hall from hers, and she rebuffed him, according to the complaint.

A few days after that, Silver allegedly gave Green the key to his hotel room in Chicago "in case she needs it," and allegedly tried to pressure Green into going to a strip club with him a few days later, telling her, "You can’t sue me for sexual harassment," according to the complaint.

So that was Green's first week or so on the job, but according to the complaint, the situation with Silver did not improve. The complaint details, among other things, that Silver allegedly:

  • Told Green about the time "he had unprotected anal sex with a black stripper in a hot tub."
  • Nearly missed a flight back to New York for his daughter's birthday because "he had just woken up in a different hotel downtown because he had gone out late" with a woman in Chicago.
  • Told Green "he woke up [a woman] by performing oral sex. After he was done, [she] said that his 'wife must be so lucky to have someone like him.' Defendant Silver responded, 'She does not get this.'"
  • Showed Green a photo of herself and said, "'Wow, look at those,' referring to her breasts."
  • Took Green to strip clubs where she had to watch clients and Exusia employees "receive lap dances from completely nude strippers in close proximity."
  • Told Green about "his regular interactions with a stripper named Isis, who Defendant Silver told Ms. Green was 'unbelievable,' that the types of things she would do were 'crazy' and one would have to see her to believe it." Silver also allegedly showed Green "graphic naked photographs of Isis."
  • Texted Green selfies of himself.
  • Expensed a trip to Miami he took with one of his girlfriends.
  • And in fact, "habitually used the Company’s money to pay for such things as strip clubs and travel, entertainment and gifts for his girlfriends by characterizing them as business expenses, along with the Company’s many other illegitimate business expenses," according to the complaint.

According to a line literally written into this stunning piece of legal work, Green "refused to stroke Defendant Silver’s ego, which apparently had grown as fast as the Company," and so though she was up for a promotion and raise last month, she did not get one, according to the complaint. She's suing for undisclosed punitive damages.

"Hopefully, this case will send a message that women must be treated with dignity and respect and not as objects subject to the whims and fantasies of powerful men," her attorney, Douglas Wigdor, told the Post.

We contacted Exusia for comment and will update if and when we hear back.