Last month The New York Daily News shone a light on the disgusting surge of speeding cyclists in Central Park. Yesterday, all that dedicated stat-twisting and anecdotal reporting paid off when the NYPD swiftly responded with android Steve Cuozzos,spike strips,checkpoints,auxiliary cops handing out brochures. It's not every day that we applaud the NYPD's even-handedness, so soak it in while you can, 1 PP.

As opposed to the first week of August, when cyclists led by the ghost of Dennis Hopper popped wheelies in the park's fountains and put cigarettes out on children, "Things looked quite different in Central Park on Saturday." This is to say that instead of going 30 mph, the cyclists were going 25 mph. Sadly, we have yet to see any Daily News reporters at the intersection of Delancey and Essex, or any other intersection where the huge hunks of metal that are 365 times more dangerous than cyclists break the law.