A West Side woman walking her dog in Central Park was assaulted by an attacker until her dog bit him. The attacker, who exposed himself then tried to grope the woman, encountered the woman at 102nd and East Drive, near the ravine where the Central Park jogger was attacked. The woman's 60 pound dog "took a gash" out of the attacker, leaving much blood on the path; the dog is being treated as evidence, since he has blood and skin fibers from the suspect.


The attack occured at 8:30-9AM, which does not seem too early, but this is good reminder to try to walk where others are, even if you have a dog. But having a big dog can be helpful. Adopt a dog from the SPCA. For instance, Roscoe (pictured) is a 65 pound, housebroken German Shepherd-Terrier mx. Check out his listing.

Gothamist on the Prospect Park rape attempt last year.