The NYPD blamed Canadians Annalise Spencer and Deirdre Barkhousefor swimming in the Central Park Reservoir on Monday. The Canadian tourists were arrested after they "scaled" the four foot chain link fence around the reservoir in the hot 85 degree weather. Barkhouse told Newsday, "I've competitive swam so I thought, 'Hey, it's a beautiful day.' We had no idea it was illegal." Clearly, four foot high chain link fences with no doors in them mean nothing to Canadians. The two women asked some joggers if it was illegal, and the joggers said they had never seen it before. Lesson #14 here: New Yorkers know everything and know nothing at the same time. Soon, a police helicoptor monitored them from above as a scuba team went in after them. And even though they had to be made an example of (spending the night in jail), the women said they had a great time in NYC, with the police officers pointing out landmarks while they were handcuffed during the ride to the station.

The Central Park Reservoir is a gorgeous place to walk or run, but it never occured to us that one should swim in it. Who knows what is in it? The Central Park Loch Ness monster, perhaps. And Gothamist Weather had a joke about Canada yesterday. Hee.