The Parks Department's - and City's - decision to attempt to limit the number of large gatherings, aka rallies, held in Central Park is prompting a rally this Thursday on the Great Lawn, the night before the Parks Department holds a public hearing about the bill. The bill would limit the number of gatherings of over 50,000 to six per year, with four of them already slated for classical music events. Opposition groups claim that the Great Lawn has handled large protests and concerts in the past, but the Parks Department's argument is that they are trying to protect the Great Lawn's condition from the tramping, inconsiderate feet of protestors who don't have corporate backing to clean up and repair the lawn (large concerts have been allowed because the concert promoters have agreed to pay the Parks Department money to make sure the lawn is cared for). Gothamist wonders if there are any deep-pocketed billionaires who would sponsor rallies in Central Park. Anyway, opposition groups are threatening legal actions if the number of rallies are limited, while the Parks Department continues to threaten to charge taxpayers with the expense of maintain the beauty of the lawn.

The rally for more flexibility in Central Park rallies will be at 8PM on Thursday night, at the Great Lawn's North Oval. The Parks Department hearing is on Friday at 11AM, at the Chelsea Recreation Center.