The Daily News reports that the NYPD has apprehended one of the teenagers who attacked a runner in Central Park Thursday night. The fourteen year old was part of a group of teens, about six to ten in total. In fact, Kim commented about the attack yesterday in our comments section and explained that he didn't believe the iPod was the main reason why he was attacked:

it sucked (I'm the victim in the story by the way)...but i don't think they originally attacked me for my Ipod, I think they were just there to cause trouble, apparently I was told by the police that kids up in that corner of CP like to harrass passing cyclists by throwing rocks at them. Luckily, all they got away with was my ipod and left me with a black eye. The police has been doing a good job with this and might have already caught one of the kids with the aid of a witness who chased one of them down after assaulting me... Let me reiterate this one more time, even though my ipod was stolen, it wasn't obvious I had one at the time, I'm pretty discreet with it, I think they only realized I had one when they got up close. There were a lot of people there which is why the attack was so short...a lot of the bystanders came to my aid. Although I'm a little shaken, I'm hoping this doesn't faze me from my normal routine of running there, but again, I'm reconsidering taking the 102 St. cutoff.

iPods, however, have become one of the most popular snatches, contributing to an uptick in subway crime.

As for running in the city at night, if you join the New York Road Runners Club, you can find a running partner.