Authorities investigating a fire in Central Islip yesterday discovered that the three bodies of adults were actually shot to death. Suffolk Count police also said that the fire was arson and a witness described, "The house was engulfed Every window, every doorway, flames were shooting out. There was no way you could have even attempted to get in there." Two children managed to survive the fire; Newsday reports, "Two children - a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl - were standing outside the burning home when firefighters arrived. They had been asleep in a built-in garage converted into a bedroom and were able to get out a side exit." Two of the victims were identified as Katrice Daniels, 31, and Luis Calixto, 19; the third victim was a female in her 20s (Calixto's mother suggested it could be her son's girlfriend). Brooklyn resident Kim Graves had been renting out the home, though she did not disclose who the renters were.