Back in 2006, the city challenged the U.S. Census Bureau's claim that NYC's population was 8.168 million. The city's stance was that it was closer to 8.2 million - which also means more federal funding. Now, over a year later, the Census Bureau agreed and said that NYC's population is a whopping 8.250,567 - an all-time high!

This means the city will get an additional $77 million in federal money by 2010. Mayor Bloomberg hailed the news and said, "New York City sends far more money to Washington than we get back, but now we will at least not be shortchanged as a result of inaccuracies in Census Bureau population estimates. By analyzing and challenging the Census Bureau's findings, we are able to ensure that vital City programs receive the appropriate level of federal funding."

There are many ways the Census tracks population and here's how the city's population breaks down by borough:
Bronx: 1,371,353 (Census counted 9,880 less residents)
Brooklyn: 2,523,047 (Census counted 14,227 less)
Manhattan: 1,612,630 (Census counted 1,049 less)
Queens: 2,264,661 (Census counted 9,486 less)
Staten Island: 478,876 (Census counted 1,499 less)

Photograph by akbarsyah on Flickr