Yesterday, a Brooklyn grandmother was fatally hit by a car while crossing Brighton Beach Avenue. Eighty year old Maya Shelgelman had the walk signal when a car driven by Rakhilya Ashurozak turned and hit Shelgelman. One witness told the Post that it looked like Ashurozak had been on the phone while driving: "She had one handon the wheel and one hand on her phone." Ashurozak was only given a summons for not yielding to a pedstrian.

And there have been a few fatal hit-and-runs recently: Last night, two women were hit by a car in Marine Park; one died and the other remained is in the hospital. The police have found the car, but not the driver. And the family of a Bronx man killed on Wednesday (he had been walking home from his regular checkers game) is asking for the hit-and-run driver to come forward. A witness told family members, "The person pulled over, got out, looked at the body and was stunned. Someone else showed up a few minutes later, and they switched cars and left the scene."