2006_02_airgun.jpgIs the Upper West Side a new hotbed for cellphone theft? On the heels of news that rap impressario Damon Dash sent some of his men to scare some thugs who bullied his son and stole his cellphone outside the Dwight School, it turns out two 15 year olds mugged a woman of her cellphone yesterday. The two boys used an air pistol that looked at like a gun (and is used in target practice) to get the cellphone; both were later arrested. The Post notes that the robbery rate for the neighborhood increased last month, but it still surprises Gothamist that West 71st Street between Amsterdam and Columbus at 5PM would be a place for someone to strike. We guess that's why they would - no one would expect it, especially when they are yakking on their phone. Perhaps having headsets and just talking to air is better - you can look crazy, instead of showing off your phone.

And it's usually better just to hand over your cellphone, though one man refused to do so and was shot twice.