The shocking news that Cellino and Barnes—possibly the most famous personal injury law firm thanks to its infectious jingle—is headed for some sort of split still has people reeling. But don't let this news completely destroy your faith in ambulance chasing—the firm has issued an official statement insisting that it's business as usual.

Ross Cellino filed a lawsuit against partner Stephen Barnes and their namesake firm, Cellino and Barnes, to dissolve the business on Wednesday, imperiling the future of 800-888-8888:

On Thursday, Cellino and Barnes issued this statement:

In response to recent legal action and media reports regarding the ongoing ownership structure of our firm, we want to assure our employees, our clients and our business partners that Cellino & Barnes continues to operate around the clock in a fully functional manner.

We commend our 300 staff members for their understanding and professionalism, and appreciate their consistent commitment to providing quality service to our clients. As the administrative issues in question are addressed, we can confidently state that the firm intends to sustain its positive growth track and the substantial momentum we have achieved in recent years.

Mr. Barnes and the firm plan to aggressively oppose the dissolution papers filed by Mr. Cellino; however, we reiterate that regardless of the outcome, the firm will continue to do business the many markets we serve.

As we respect the legal proceedings, it is the firm's policy not to comment on ongoing litigation.

Our firm remains proud of the longstanding service our principals, attorneys and staff have provided in creating one of the largest personal injury law firms in the country—and that feeling remains unchanged.

We encourage any personal injury victim in need of representation to contact our firm. The attorneys at Cellino & Barnes continue to take calls and are available to help clients achieve the best possible results for their case.

Barnes is due in court on May 19th to explain why the company should not be dissolved.

The fate of the firm's toll-free number remains unclear. The Post spoke to Ross Cellino Sr., who said, “I have no idea... I imagine they’ll flip a coin for it."

Ken Kaufman, who composed the jingle, also spoke to the Post and made it clear he was thinking about the future, "I want to find out what their plans are for it... Because if either of them are inheriting it from the other, I’d like to be the guy who does the resing."

In the meantime, enjoy the Number 6: