The problem with companies selling your cellphone records to anyone is becoming a bigger issue, as it got the Today Show sign of approval to be something Americans should be freaked out about - there was a segment this morning and of course no one wants people knowing who they are calling or who is calling them, especially those cheating spouses or corporate espionage types! Basically, if you give a company like Locate Cell a phone number or name plus an address or Social Security number, plus $65-110 dollars, they'll turn over various information - who you called, who calls you, where you live, all that good stuff. The ball got rolling when Americablog obtained General Wesley Clark's information in order to make the point that this information is out there. It seems that some information gathering companies will pose as the customers to get the records! Cingular has obtained a temporary restraining order against LocateCell to stop their practices. Senator Schumer, who we like to call Senator Cellphone because he tackles lots of cellphone users' rights issues, wants to strengthen/enact federal penalties against people distributing this information. Hmm, prepaid cellphones are looking pretty good right now.

LocateCell will also do landline traces.