In a city where cell phone service is notoriously bad, some residents are finding everyone can hear them crystal clear. However, the service is coming at a cost. Residents of an 82-year-old building in Washington Heights get great service because of two cell phone base stations installed on the building's roof. However, they worry whether or not the old building can stand the weight. One tenant told the Times, “Before this went up, we were told we couldn’t come up here, because it wasn’t stable enough for human weight." Either their landlord was just trying to hog the roof for himself, or the tenants should start looking for new

After one tenant complained, the Buildings Department issued a notice of violation to the landlord. The latest complaint says, "There is a 24 foot crack on the wall facing 185th Street. This crack is near the roof, there are two cell phone sub-stations above the area where this crack has manifested." The tenants are also suing the landlord for allowing the structures to be installed. But Roger Entner, a wireless industry analyst with Nielsen, says, "The base station only weighs a couple of hundred pounds — it’s like three fat men. If that is cracking the stuff, the building has way bigger problems."