This must a be a new one: A drug dealer kidnapped beacuse her clients "wanted to teach her a lesson" was rescued by the police tracing her cell phone. Apparently Erica Rodriguez's drugs weren't good enough for three men who ended up kidnapping her from her Hamilton Heights home to East Flatbush. Two of the men got away, but the one that was arrested allegedly has a criminal justice degree (his landlord, who works for the Department of Correction, calls it "ironic"). No word on whether Rodriguez will be charged for selling drugs.

And in the timing-is-everything department, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, who is running the Democratic primary to keep his job today, announced that he and the police had busted members of "open-air crack cocaine markets" on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. Hynes noticed the drug dealing while campaigning: The head of the Nostrand Avenue Merchants Association, Benfield Munroe, told him, "You are supposed to be doing something about this." Gothamist guessed that's about the time the lightning struck and a sting took place to coincide with Primary Day. But, to Hynes's credit, he has done a lot to get drugs off the streets. It's just that "open-air crack cocaine market" almost sounds pleasant, like a greenmarket for illegal drugs.