It's time for the city to come back to the well and conduct another cell phone ticket blitz. Why, it seems like only yesterday that the NYPD last cracked down on drivers using cell phones, but it was actually mid-August. New York State just wrapped a lucrative four-day cell phone crackdown on the Thruway, issuing 903 tickets to drivers in a mission called, no joke, "Operation Hang Up II.'' Not to be outdone, the city's sting will start at 12:01 a.m. Thursday and last 24 hours.

The NYPD announced the operation earlier this week so scofflaws have had plenty of time to prepare. But will New Yorkers be able to go 24 hours without gabbing with one hand on the wheel? The fine for using a hand-held cellphone while driving in NYC is $130 ($200 for cab drivers). In the August blitz, the NYPD issued 7,432 tickets and even ensared a Daily News reporter assigned to cover the operation.