Harley Pasternak, a celebrity fitness "guru" to Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox (and candy bar and video game shill to everyone else) is accused of assaulting two men in a private gym.

Lawyer Matthew Spritz and tobacco wholesaler executive Michael Berro claim in a lawsuit obtained by the Daily News that Pasternak approached the men while they were playing basketball in the gym inside Berro's and Pasternak's building on West 24th Street. After being told when the men would be finished, Pasternak allegedly returned 30 minutes later "and began to hurl insults" at Berro and pulled out a cellphone to take a picture of the men. The lawsuit then claims that Pasternak punched Spritz in the jaw and Berro in the nose, and said, "Nice face. Want to go again? Yeah, that's right, I just spanked you guys."

Pasternak only lived in the building for six months before moving. “He was a low-key guy—one of my favorite residents,” the building's concierge told the paper. "It's an unfortunate thing." Pasternak accepted a deal that included mandatory anger management classes in exchange for a dismissal of his misdemeanor assault charge, but the men who are suing him now claim he should pay their "hefty" medical and dental bills.