Too bad you probably blew your year's savings on Black Friday already, because instead of getting gifts for the whole family you could have been the envy of the entire neighborhood with the Rolls Royce of Christmas trees. At his temporary stand, Scott Lechner is hawking 17-foot trees in SoHo for up to $900. And you should want one, because according to Lechner, celebrities buy them. He told the Daily News, "A regular tree is beautiful, but one of our jumbos is majestic. It's not just a tree, it's an experience. And it's worth every penny." Until December 26th, when it's thrown on the street with every other experience.

The trees hail from the Blue Mountains in North Carolina, and for anyone balking at the prices, Lechner says, "Go try to find a better tree at a better price. You can't." But how much better can a $900 tree be? The paper found that the same types of trees are going for a maximum of $150 at True Value Hardware in Carroll Gardens, where one customer said, "We don't have a ton in common with SoHo over here. What are they, designer trees? Fancy people, fancy neighborhood." What next, platinum Festivus poles?