We've known for a while now that girls should get the HPV vaccine (here's why). But little ladies aren't the only ones who ought to be routinely going in for a round of shots: boys age 11 and 12 should be, too. Shot equality for all!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices just voted in favor of a recommendation to promote HPV vaccination for boys, starting as early as age nine. Up until this point, the panel had recommenced that boys could be vaccinated between ages nine to 26, but didn't go far enough to say that the immunization should be done on the regular.

The HPV vaccine for men is aimed at "protecting against genital warts and less common malignancies that HPV can cause, such as penile and anal cancer, as well as cancers of the mouth and throat." One side effect from the recommendation is the increased level of catfights on Upper East Side as mothers fight to get their sons into the doctor ASAP. Ha! But seriously, it's refreshing to see HPV being recognized as a national public health issue for both genders.

Researchers, however, have been working round-the-clock to develop a male-friendly Lil' Poundcake: