Less than a month after a CD-seller was shot and killed when he opened fire on police, street musicians have returned to Times Square to sell their wares — and scam tourists, according to the Post. On Dec. 10, rapper Raymond "Ready" Martinez fired at a cop who had questioned him about conning tourists into buying his record by scribbling their names onto discs and demanding $10. Martinez was shot and killed in front of the Marriott after his stolen gun jammed because he was holding it sideways.

But in the days following the gunfight, "hip-hop hustlers" "continue to harass hapless passers-by," the tabloid reports. "It's scary out here, because you don't know which ones are actually artists and which ones are just trying to shake people down with their hustle," said tour-bus worker Edgar Dell. Police say they are focusing on the area and have arrested six CD hawkers for "aggressive solicitation" since the shooting. But some CD sellers have complained that police have been infringing on their rights. "They're treating everyone like we're all one person," said Kawan "King Tuck" Tucker. "I don't understand what we're doing wrong."