After the video of the Indonesian two-year-old who smokes 40 cigarettes a day caught (Internet) fire, someone at CBS decided a news crew should go to the country and find the child who smokes those suckers like he's a little kingpin. According to CBS, "Just before midnight, our crew found Aldi Suganda, in the quiet fishing village of Musi Bbanyuasin -- lit cigarette in-hand... At home, Aldi plays with toys and grips a bottle. But his tiny hands also light cigarettes with the familiarity of a seasoned smoker."

His parents told CBS News that little Aldi startd smoking at 11 months, "during daily trips to the market where they sell fish." His mother Diana explained, "He was being very fussy, always cried when we were there to sell. So, we just let him play by himself. … One day, we followed him from behind and found him hanging out at a cigarette stall. … He had a cigarette in his hand, already lit. … He already knew how to do it very well, like an adult. … It was actually his own wish." And adults at the market light his cigarettes!

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Aldi is also a chain smoker: His mother says he often uses one cigarette to light the next. She addedts, "Nowadays," he smokes one pack a day, two packs at most. … We surely hope he will quit, that he will be like any other kid, not smoking. … But I can't stand seeing him hurting himself. What can we do but to accept it is as it is?" He'd totally quit if he had to pay the $1.60 cigarette tax in NY.