2007_11_wifizone.JPGIf you've been paying for Wifi at coffee shops between 42nd Street and Central Park South and between 8th and 6th Avenues, you can start saving up for more grande mocha lattes. CBS will be creating a "CBS Mobile Zone" with free wifi in midtown.

In turn, CBS will lead users to an ad-supported homepage. CenterNetworks says that Citi and Salesgenie.com have already signed up. CBS, which owns CBS Outdoor, will wire billbards, MTA displays (yes, CBS is working with the MTA and NYC Transit on the program!) and "offer free routers to local businesses." The ultimate goal, said CBS Outdoor CEO Wally Kelly, is "to evaluate the prospect of applying WiFi capabilities across our outdoor properties globally." And maybe they'd help wire subway stations, too!

CBS's headquarters are on 52nd between 5th and 6th Avenues; we bet the zone didn't extend to 5th Avenue (where the Early Show tapes) because NBC is at Rockefeller Center.