2006_06_johnb.jpgA woman is suing the posh John Barrett salon for $150,000 over "considerable hair damage." But ladies who lunch, don't worry - it wasn't John Barrett or any of his regular hairstylists who gave the woman a "fright wig" style hairdo. The customer, Maria Torres, who works for the Department of Housing, had a hair treatment with a training program three years ago. And three years later, it's still giving her a bad hair day! The John Barrett Salon says Torres signed a release and "knew it was a training program." While Gothamist can sympathize with someone who has a traumatizing hair cut (it does take about 24-48 hours to adjust), you are totally playing with fire when you go to those training nights.

And for John Barrett himself to cut your hair, it'll cost you $400. If anyone has had him cut your hair, we imagine that is some fine 'do.