The woman accused of robbing stores—sometimes at gunpoint— in Manhattan and Queens while wearing all black and a cat mask has allegedly confessed. The Post reports, "[Manhattan] Prosecutors said she confessed to those incidents," and she's allegedly "spilled the beans" on her Queens crimes. A neighbor in Astoria said, "Everyone is shocked. She's so sweet. I've known her since she was this tall. Her mother's a sweetheart. There's no way she brought her up that way."

Apparently police were suspicious when they saw Spalding wearing a burqa and sunglasses (it was raining) in Soho on Wednesday. Inside a store, she allegedly told the clerk, "Listen closely, give me the money in the cash register. I have a gun, and the man across the street has a gun." She took the money, but was chased by the clerk and cops. According to the Post:

Spalding, 28, told police yesterday that she had been "drunk" during the April 23 robbery of a Nine West shoe store in Forest Hills, Queens, and that the cat mask she wore was from a costume party the previous night.

Spalding also told cops that an unnamed man was "forcing" her to commit the crimes, but authorities were skeptical of these claims.

Spalding sings in a death metal band called Divine Infamy; they are scheduled to play at the Water Grill in Brooklyn this weekend. A fan commented on MySpace, "Sorry to hear about Purgatory [Spalding's stagename]. I hope this mess can be cleared up soon. Hope to se you guys at the show..."

And another neighbor told the Post that she's seen Spalding for a decade and she's always "looks very focused... She's strange. I found her very peculiar. Because all the years she's lived here, she didn't say hello. I thought she was a model."