20-year-old model Kendra Spears was just an awkward Seattle teenager with braces until the Ford modeling agency plucked her from obscurity with their "Supermodel of the World" MySpace competition last year. And how does she repay the nurturing organization that she once described in an interview as "family"? By breaking her three year contract and running off with Ford's rival Next Management, which Ford is now suing for "poaching" Spears. The allegations leveled by Ford in court papers are fierce:

She is a beautiful, fresh, all-American 'face' who, having been discovered by Ford, trained by Ford, and professionally developed by Ford, is at the precipice of a breakthrough. She is about to become one of a handful of the world's most sought-after high fashion models....Kendra Spears is one of the shining stars of the Ford development system. Signed as a prospect while still a teenager in braces, for more than a year, Ford has painstakingly cultivated Spears - literally, taught her how to be an international fashion model. Ford literally taught Spears how to walk a catwalk [an advanced skill requiring dedicated coaching].

And then Next Management comes along with their olive oil voice and guinea charm and she runs off. She threw it all away just to make Ford look ridiculous! And this isn't the first time; according to the Daily News, Ford accuses Next of poaching three other models in the last ten months. But instead of settling this the old fashioned way with a walk-off [LEGO version] in some abandoned warehouse, Ford's gone crying to Manhattan Supreme Court. At least it gives us an excuse to run this photo of Spears, the fruit of a thorough Google image search.