Just in time to rescue us from a potentially kind of boring mayoral election this year, grocery magnate and friend to all animals John Catsimatidis is exploring another run for the position this year.

According to the NY Post, Cats was seen chatting with a few political advisors at a steakhouse yesterday, signaling that he's ready to jump into the Republican primary field once again. He told the Post he's been taking meetings with people for the last couple of weeks to gauge their interest in joining the campaign if he runs.

Despite the fact that homelessness remains a crisis and the mayor's using Bullet Time to dodge allegations of corruption, the city is otherwise running adequately according to voters, so it seems like a safe bet at the moment that de Blasio will get a second term. At the very least, he seems popular enough that rumored big names who could pose a primary threat, like Scott Stringer, Hakeem Jeffries Ruben Diaz, Jr. and Hillary Clinton (lol) don't seem to want to take the risk of running against a mayor who at least rhetorically has positioned himself as the city's last line of defense against Donald Trump.

Consequently, the field of people emerging to challenge de Blasio is a pretty sad lot so far. There's I.D.C. member, car lover and large knife holder Tony Avella. You've got rich guy Paul Massey, who thinks voters are ready for a candidate who's openly said he's ready to raise "boatloads of money" and doesn't have a stop-and-frisk position. There's Bo Dietl, whose life was put to the silver screen in the Stephen Baldwin classic One Tough Cop and who counts himself as a personal friend of Donald Trump. Or you can go with The Three Bad Millennials, as well as Eric Ulrich, a man who called a City Council member sitting down for the Pledge of Allegiance "un-American" and wants to make his campaign into a literal reality show. We all remember how well that worked out for the last guy to try it!

So Catsimatidis, despite being the kind of guy who uses an AOL email address and talks about the need for a pro-business mayor in this nightmare era where unchecked capitalism has ruined us, would at least be a fun personality to have around. In bad news for the Gristedes owner though, polling by Number One de Blasio Hater Bradley Tusk found that support for Cats came in at just six percent of registered voters. You need a lot more threatened animals than just some subway kittens to break through with that kind of polling, although it's not hard to see the mayor spotting Catsimatidis a few.