Nearly 200 animals were removed from a Long Island home today when authorities discovered that their elderly owner had left them living in horrifying conditions. The Medford, LI house was apparently home to as many as 60 cats, 22 dog, and a number of lizards, turtles, chinchillas, rabbits, birds, ferrets, rats and hamsters; authorities say they even found two cats eating a dead cat.

The animals were discovered by members of the local fire department, who arrived at the house after getting calls complaining of odors coming from it. Many of the animals were unfed, and the home was filled with animal feces. Their owner, who officials say is a 70-year-old woman, reportedly became so overwhelmed that she was unable to care for them properly; she has since signed them over to the Suffolk County SPCA, and animal experts, wearing face masks to protect themselves from the stench, started moving them out of the house today. "There's so many, is what made the conditions so bad," Maureen Schneider, director of the Brookhaven Animal Shelter, told ABC News.

It appears the house has now been condemned, and the local SPCA will hopefully be able to nurse the animals back to health. Of course, this isn't the first time too many animals have been hoarded in a Long Island home; two years ago, authorities found over a hundred animals including cows, pigs, chicks, ducks and goats—many of which were already dead—in a house shared with three people in nearby Brookhaven.