While President Obama drew a lot of flak from the Catholics angry about him giving the commencement speech at Notre Dame yesterday, pro-choicer Mayor Bloomberg seemed to fly under the church's radar for being honored (and giving "humorous" remarks) at local Catholic university Fordham on Saturday. A spokesman for Archbishop Dolan said that he was "unaware that the mayor was at Fordham," but stopped short of offering any take on the school's choice. Dolan has been very open about his objections to Obama speaking at Notre Dame, saying this weekend it could be seen as an endorsement of the president's pro-choice stance. Good thing he cleared that up since there's been so much speculation on just where the Catholic Church stands on the issue. The Post talked to one New Yorker who sat out her Notre Dame graduation yesterday (opting to spend the time praying instead). She told the paper, "I wouldn't be able to approve them handing him a degree. Your commencement speaker is supposed to be someone you emulate, and they're supposed to be sending you off into the world."