After her official appointment on Monday evening, Schools Chancellor Cathie Black told reporters, "They will get to know me. I am about parents, I am about their children. We want the best schools we possibly can have and the best education we can for the kids. So, onward!" So on her first day, she actually got herself to a public school! She spent yesterday morning reading "Caps For Sale" to first graders at PS 109 in the Bronx. The school's principal told the Post, "From what I've seen today, I think she's going to do very, very well. She was really a natural in the classroom, great with the kids."

Not everyone agrees. After the reading session, parent Nicole Bush reportedly bombarded her about how she felt about privatization of public schools. Black responded, “I’m not going to comment on specific things this morning; it is my first day. And so I’ll get to understand that all of these things are very important and challenging questions, and we will come up with what we believe are the right answers." Another parent reportedly yelled, "Parents have nowhere to go to when they have a problem. They get the runaround. Where do you stand on that?"

NY1 spoke to some parents who are still uncomfortable with Bloomberg's choice, one predicting, "The children are going to fall behind, like they've been [doing]." And a group of retired teachers even protested by applying for her old position as the head of Hearst Magazines. But parent leaders who met with Black yesterday said that after all the drama, it's only fair to give Black a chance. "She had a big connection with the kids—it doesn't matter what background she has," said PTA President Albertina Rivas. "We need people like that."