An alert reader contributed this great this great Flickr shot of the cat on top of Radio City. Well, honestly, Gothamist thought this was a strange new breed of rat, different from the standard grey-on-its-hindlegs rat we see on the street. But then we read a Post story that explained it: It seems that Radio City Music Hall has put this cat on the marquee to counter the orchestra's union rat aross the street on Sixth Avenue! Radio City Music Hall and the orchestra union are fighting over "dwindling season of the theater and overtime" in their contract negotiations. Also, will the cat scare away tourists? Or will they be charmed by NYC labor disputes?

If you work at West 50th Street and 6th Avenue, let us know if they take the cat down and actually have it battle the rat. And we have to say, even though they are less threatening, Itchy and Scratchy inflatables would be cooler.