Some 140 people applied to adopt the adorable kitten that some miserable P.O.S. tossed out of the window of a moving car on the Verrazano Bridge in July. Among the hopefuls was TV's Whoopi Goldberg, and it was announced today that Animal Care & Control has granted her wish, which we're sure has everything to do with her qualifications as a pet owner and nothing to do with her celebrity status. Animal shelter staffers had named the five-week-old Russian blue kitten Verrazano after it was rescued, but Goldberg has christened him Vinny.

It's nice to know the poor little fella has gone from near-roadkill to luxury living, but it would be even nicer to know they caught the scumbag who threw him out into the middle of traffic in the first place. We contacted Animal Care and Control to see if they had any promising, you know, leads, and a spokesman told us there "no new leads that we are aware of." At any rate, Animal Care and Control is also reminding New Yorkers that even though Verrazano is off the market, there are still many adorable pets in city shelters in desperate need of a home. This little guy may not have Verrazano's cachet, but then again, you're no Whoopi Goldberg.