A black cat has been attacking and terrorizing residents of a Rockland County town, as part of an ongoing effort among animals to destroy humankind and return the Northeast to its rightful furry owners.

Officials in Pearl River, located in southern Rockland County, say the potentially rabid feline has injured several humans and one dog over the past few days. Police sent out a 911 alert urging residents to contact them if they came into contact with the cat.

One Pearl River resident reportedly spotted the cat on July 4th. "It was strange because it didn’t make a whole lot of noise like cats usually do. It was real quiet, and stared at me and had blood on its mouth. It was a little surreal,” he told CBS 2.

The bloodthirsty Pearl River cat is just one of many local animals that have turned on humans of late, including several MTA worker-attacking squirrels and a cat that kept her owners out of their Connecticut home last month—NYC and its surrounding areas have also been infiltrated by coyotes. Oh, and here come the deadly Man O' War! Life is so short, and there is SO MUCH to fear!