Cats do the darndest things—like hang out in SUV engines and wait for cops to rescue 'em. Seriously, an orange and white cat had be to extracted by Emergency Service Unit detectives when a SUV driver discovered the feline in the vehicle's front hood.

According to the Daily News, the cat had been in Wilfredo Rodriguez's Nissan Murano for a 2-mile trip between a Bronx building on Marcy Place to a Department of Buildings office on Arthur Avenue: "Rodriguez said that after he parked the car he continued to hear a rattling sound he had noticed during the trip. He investigated and quickly spotted the tabby's bushy tail and front right paw sticking out of the SUV's front end." The building super worried, "I said, 'Oh my God! I killed a cat,'" but was happy when the cat's paw moved.

He called 911, and Detectives Jeffrey King and Kris Cataldo arrived on the scene. They "freed the feline by removing the car's battery and several other parts." Animal Care & Control says the cat seems to be doing fine.