Last year Chris Muth saved a 7-year-old cat that was trapped in a narrow shaft in a Carroll Gardens apartment building, only to be sent to a mental institution where they said he had a “bizarre delusion [that he] was trying to ‘save’ a cat of his friend." Sure, maybe he shouldn't have ripped apart other people's apartments to save the feline, but the cat did in fact exist, and he did save it.

Muth lost his house and (temporarily lost) his girlfriend over the incident, and has now sued the hospital that he says medicated him in a way “normally reserved for violent psychiatric patients.” According to the Brooklyn Paper, the suit against the Long Island College Hospital and 11 of its workers is for $260,000.

While being held at LICH, he allegedly told a nurse on duty, "Give me a pencil and paper; I’m going to write a press release and you are going to be the laughingstock of New York." She then had the orderlies hold Muth down and administered Haldol, a powerful anti-psychotic drug. Muth was eventually proven to be sane.

It's worth noting, however, that he owes the IRS $800,000 — and has filed a number of other lawsuits, including one against an animal shelter that he says is responsible for "an unprovoked murder of his elderly canine companion."