100308cat.jpgSince opening in '64, Shea Stadium has been a popular home for feral cats, who've been known to scamper onto the field during games. In the Mets' championship year of 1969, a black cat ran back and forth in front of the Cubs dugout, cursing Chicago's pennant hopes. Now a group called Neighborhood Cats is urging the Mets to relocate the feral felines to the new Citi Field. "They're part of Mets lore, so why not keep them around?," asks Bryan Kortis, the group's leader. He guesses there are 20-40 cats who call the stadium home, and if the Mets don't relocate them he predicts, "they're going to be overrun with rats." Pressure from other groups successfully saved the Home Run Apple, but Mets officials have yet to respond to this demand. And a Parks Department spokeswoman tells Newsday there are only a couple cats at Shea, and when they catch them, they're taken to a shelter.